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‘Go Pink for Taj’ Day

‘Go pink for Taj’ Day!

Taj Pike, a beloved member of our karate family, started training when he was 4 Now 16, Taj is undergoing treatment for stage 3 lymphoblastic lymphoma, which is a type of cancer that affects the lymph nodes. Anyone who has trained with or knows Taj has been touched by his sense of humour, his energy, and his kindness.

Taj is an amazing leader in our dojo, supporting students both younger and older than him with his trademark blend of fun, high spirits, and gentleness. He’s also a volunteer with his local Scouts organisation, and recently walked 96km at the Kokoda Challenge, raising money for charity.

As he undergoes chemotherapy for his cancer, Taj is likely to lose his hair; a feature he’s very proud of. So, for fun, he cut his hair into a mohawk and dyed it pink.


Taj spends so much of his time supporting others. Now it’s our turn to support Taj.


Go pink for Taj!

We’re going pink for Taj on Wednesday 22 September.

We’re asking everyone to turn their hair pink and bring a small donation to this special class. Everyone is invited, regardless of which day you normally train. Let’s fill up the dojo!

Some of our seniors (and teenagers) are dyeing their hair pink. For anyone who can’t dye their hair, we’ll have cans of pink hairspray at the ready. Don’t worry; it washes out!

Also welcome:

  • Pink nail polish on fingers and/or toes
  • Pink bandanas
  • Pink t-shirts under your gi
  • Pink Gi ?
  • Anything else pink you can think of!

And it’s not just students who are welcome to participate in our Go pink for Taj! day. Parents, friends, spectators, visitors – we’d love everyone to get into the pink spirit so we can turn the dojo pink for a day to celebrate and support Taj.

You can also support Taj and his family at the following Go Fund Me page:

Help the Pike Family

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