Are you interested in being healthier in the mind and body? Do you want to develop your confidence and self esteem? Do you want to have strong self-discipline and the ability to achieve your goals? Do you want to have fun?

Then karate is for you!

For children the benefits of karate are well published and at the right karate school your children will learn valuable lessons that will carry through to all aspects of their lives as they develop in to adults.

For Adults these same benefits are just as essential to train and develop, no matter what your age! šŸ™‚

Benefits of karate training include:

If you think any of these points would improve your life or the life of your children then yes,Ā karate is for you!

Now what?

Well now that you have decided that yes karate is for you you have the most important part to consider – finding a good karate school.

What makes a good karate school?

  1. A good karate school will have separate classes for different age groups to ensure that the lessons can be delivered in a way that best suits the class participants.
  2. A good karate school will have a set of core values that it sticks to.
  3. A good karate school believes respect, courtesy and etiquette are essential components of karate.
  4. A good karate school will not give away awards, students will earn their ranks.
  5. A good karate school does not offer exclusive “Black Belt Programs”. At a good karate school all students are equal with an equal opportunity to achieve their goals. Those that train hardest get their rewards, not those that pay the most for it.
  6. A good karate school has qualified instructors, that are still training and learning.
  7. A good karate school teaches a style of karate that has a clear traceable lineage of a style connected to masters from the past and present.
  8. A good karate school does not provide the latest fad classes of what ever is currently cool. (At a good karate school with a strong curriculum you will find that the important aspects of the current craze are normally already being taught as part of a general class if they are important – there is not that much new in the world).
  9. A good karate school will give you a good vibe when you first contact them, and then when you visit the dojo your initial good vibe will be reinforced.
  10. A good karate school will not try and sign you up for a long contract before you have even been to see a class. If you do not have the option of a free trial lesson, an intro package or simply the ability to view a class then you are looking in the wrong place.
  11. A good karate school will challenge you and encourage you.
  12. A good karate school does not advertise “non-contact”. Karate is a martial art, confidence, strength and ability are develop through adversity and conflict. If you are learning authentic karate then there must be a level of contact to develop yourself and your technique. A good school monitors and controls the level of contact to suit the individuals abilities and needs. Going home with black eyes and broken ribs is not appropriate and should not happen at an authentic karate school. But learning how to protect yourself against someone with the intent to cause that level of harm is crucial and can not be learned without some level of controlled contact.
  13. A good karate school is most interested in the personal development of all its members to ensure they are able to fulfill their potential to have the best most rewarding, giving life.
  14. A good karate school welcomes you no matter who you are and what you can do.

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