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  • How to keep up your karate training when your body isn’t quite right
    5 February 2021 / No Comments / General Some of us come to karate, especially as adults, carrying existing long-term injuries or niggling pain. When we first start training, the unfamiliar movements required in karate can make us aware of muscles, tendons, and ligaments we never thought about in the past. And sometimes this can make us think we need to stop training

  • 2021 QLD Chito-Ryu Karate Camp
    21 January 2021 / No Comments / Events >> Download the 2021 Camp - Registration Form The QLD Chito-Ryu Karate Camp is held every year around April/May. The hosting of the QLD Karate Camp is alternated between the Sunshine Coast Karate Club (odd years) and the Gold Coast Karate Club (even years). The camp is a great fun event where you get to

  • Karate and the importance of etiquette
    15 January 2021 / No Comments / General Studying martial arts is different from playing sports. While playing sports teaches teamwork and sportsmanship—both essential and highly valuable skills—martial arts adds an extra layer to this. This layer is called etiquette and it’s a form of good manners. But, in the dojo, etiquette goes even further than simple good manners. Building this etiquette in

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