Little Champions (4-7yrs)

Little Champions (4-7yrs)

Kick start your child’s life

The Gold Coast Chito-Ryu Karate Little Champions Karate Program is a unique program designed from the ground up especially to introduce young children (4-7 years of age) to the benefits of martial arts. The program incorporates the basics of karate, self-defence, coordination, flexibility, exercises in mental focus, respect and courtesy are stressed in order to develop a child’s basic learning skills.

The Little Champions Karate Program has been developed collaboratively by professional child educators, professional martial artists and parents to give children a fun, interesting and rewarding introduction into martial arts. The teaching approach, grading system and the syllabus are designed to suit the learning needs of young children.

Your child will develop a high self esteem and a can do attitude that will set them up for life!

Children's Karate ClassesClass times:

  • Monday 4:00-4:40
  • Tuesday 4:00-4:40
  • Wednesday 4:00-4:40
  • Thursday 4:00-4:50 (combined with Juniors)
  • Saturday 8:30-9:15 (morning)





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Kids Karate



Karate is great for:

  • Confidence
  • Respect
  • Anti-Bullying
  • Fitness
  • Self-Defence
  • and its fun!


Our Children our Future

We view karate as a means for developing skills for life; our program develops healthy lifestyle habits through regular exercise, self motivation, focus and confidence. Through training in karate your child will learn respect for themselves and for others, key components of a happy healthy lifestyle.

The karate ranking system is a natural way of developing leaders, the responsibility of the senior belts to provide a good example and to help the younger belts is an important component of the Little Champions Karate and forms an important part of developing the leadership skills that will develop strong leaders for the future.


Developing Life Skills
  • Karate for children is a great way for them to develop important life skills in a controlled supportive environment.
  • Through the disciplined structure of the class they will learn how to conform to the rules and the benefits they will experience from doing so.
  • Through interacting they will learn how to relate and work with others.
  • Through testing they will learn how to work hard to achieve their goals and how to deal with disappointment and elation.


Not everyone wins a prize – We are not a Black Belt Club*.

Getting up again after failing is one of the most important life skills there is. Many of humankind’s greatest achievements would not have been achieved if people had given up after one unsuccessful attempt. The resilience to keep persevering in the face of hardship is a trait that is sadly falling away as modern society has developed a mentality of trying to shelter people from disappointment.

At Gold Coast Chito-Ryu Karate we run a very fair system. If the student meets the requirements for their next level they will pass, if they do not meet the requirements then they will not pass. We do not provide belts for length of service or as part of a contract. We believe that the process of development and working hard to achieve a goal is one of the fundamental benefits of training in traditional karate, along the way there will be elation for passing and disappointment for failing. Important lessons are learnt from both these outcomes.

“Failing a test does not make you a failure”

If a student fails a test we provide the support and guidance to get them on the right track to be successful the next time. We help them understand that failing a test does not make them a failure. We help them understand that getting up and trying again is very important. When a student fails a test we help them identify where they need to focus their efforts to improve and help them set a goal to achieve success.


  • warning – “Black Belt Club” – Be aware, some schools offer you the opportunity to buy into a Black Belt Club or promise that your child will be a Black Belt in a set period of time when you purchase a package. At Gold Coast Chito-Ryu Karate we do not believe this is right. Every student has the same opportunity to achieve their black belt, there are no special classes exclusively for those that join the Black Belt Club. There is also no guarantee that you will get your Black Belt in a certain length of time depending on how much you pay. At Gold Coast Chito-Ryu Karate we strongly believe that a Black Belt must be earned if it is to have any meaning.


Resources to Achieve

Of course we do not want students to fail so along with our expert tuition in class we provide a comprehensive range of resources to help students understand and develop the requirements for each level. For our Little Champions a step by step illustrated manual with exactly what they need to do for each level is available.




Little Champions Karate
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