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2021 GC Karate Competition

Such a great fun day.  Our first tournament for nearly 2 years was restricted to just members of the Gold Coast dojo which meant that we had lots of first timers (& a few rusty old timers), participation numbers very well above what we expected which was great to see.  The standard of competition was very strong with lots of very close matches across all divisions. With some more experience under their belts there will be some very high level competitors representing the Gold Coast dojo in the future.

Tournaments are all about challenging yourself and overcoming your fears and this was the most please part of the day as we saw many karateka put aside their nerves to perform very strongly.  Well done to everyone who stepped up to the challenge.

A massive thanks also to our three fantastic referee’s who judged every event with hardly a break. Sensei Monica, Sensei Sam and Sensei Kazumi Thank you very much 🙂

And also a big thank you to Levi Lenton who did an awesome job marshaling so we could keep everything running smoothly.

And finally thank you to all the parents and supporters for your patience and understanding in having to watch the events from outside the dojo to comply with our Covid number restrictions.



Little Champion White – Little Champion Yellow
1. Obed Nalau
2. Nate Milloy

Little Champion Orange – Little Champion Green
1. Slade Revell
2. Finn McMillan
3. Aiden Nicorescu

Little Champion Blue – Purple
1. Kalani Kloot
2. Calista Weeks
3. Noah Milloy

White Belt – 10 Kyu
1. Kayden Kloot
2. Max Durre
3. Charlie Chipperfield

9 Kyu – 6 Kyu
1. Liam Glover
2. Tahlia Boyd
3. Cooper Shaw

5 Kyu +
1. Merryn Jaffers
2. Charlotte Shaw
3. Amelie Ollivier

Kumite Tag

Kumite Tag 4-6 years
1. Aiden Nicorescu
2. Calista Weeks
3. Finn McMillan

Kumite Tag 7-8 years
1. Tilly McMillan
2. Max Durre
3. Angus Esson

Kumite Tag 9-11 years
1. Kaylah Smith
2. Taiyo Tani
3. Joshua Delaney


Kumite 4-6 years
1. Elson Shi
2. Finn McMillan
3. Chloe Higham

Kumite 6-7 years (boys)
1. Noah Milloy
2. Jesse Valencour
3. Aiden Nicorescu

Kumite 7-8 years (girls)
1. Tilly McMillan
2. Asha Anderson
3. Isabella Higham

Kumite 8-9 years
1. Cooper Shaw
2. Liam Glover
3. Charlie Chipperfield

Kumite 10-11 years
1. Merryn Jaffers
2. Bohdi Valencour
3. Milli Mansbridge

Kumite 12-13 years
1. Hunter Smith
2. Tahlia Boyd
3. Amelie Ollivier

Kumite Adults
1. Adam Glachan
2. Damien Kloot


Kobudo Open
1. Charlotte Shaw
2. Adam Glachan
3. Merryn Jaffers

Team Kata

Team Kata Open
1. Calista Weeks, Bridget Weeks, Charlotte Shaw
2. Milli Mansbridge, Kaylah Smith, Erika Baritchi
3. Merryn Jaffers, Amelie Ollivier, Hunter Smith


Check out our facebook page for more action shots from the day.

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