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2021 Kangeiko

A small group of keen karateka attended the 2021 Kangeiko (Special Winter Training) held along the Twin Falls Circuit at Springbrook in behind the Gold Coast.

The morning started with a beautiful clear day that had everyone thinking that it may not be that cold, that was until we stepped out of the cars to feel the full force of a cold westerly wind 🙂 Oh well just another challenge to add to the training.  A large part of Kangeiko is learning how to control the emotions and not let negative elements such as the cold interfere with the training.


Training started with a run through of kata at a beautiful outlook where you could watch the sunrise over the hinterland and Gold Coast. Fully exposed to the wind it was a great opportunity to work on mushin.

Next stop was a favorite place were the track crosses a small creek. This is a beautiful location that is perfect for some meditation. This was followed by some physical challenges and partner work. The variance of a rough ground and narrow pathway made an interesting change from training in the dojo.

The track then makes it way down the side of the cliff before continuing along the bottom. There are some great sites and it is always a treat to be able to walk behind one of the many waterfalls on this track before making our way to the next stop which is at the bottom of twin falls.  Here we did some kihon training and work with the bo. Speed exchange training with the bo moving backwards fast along the path was an interesting challenge as you had to have confidence in your stepping to make sure you went straight and not veered off the path.

Our final stop was at Rainbow Falls were everyone got to experience training under the waterfall. The water was nice and cold and provided another opportunity to work on mushin, spirit and developing internal heat through breathing exercises.  The sensation after being under the waterfall is a unique one that had everyone buzzing as we made our way back up to the cars and back home.

2021 Kangeiko Participants:

  • Adam Higgins
  • Anthony Horgan
  • Merryn Jaffers
  • Bridget Weeks
  • Adam Glachan
  • Jason Jaffers (photographer and “pack horse”)


Check out the full gallery of photos on our facebook page:


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