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Super Hero Day
Image 1 April 2021 Events admin

Our Super Heroes pushed through the adversity to celebrate our Super Hero Day class with lots of colour and energy. With the recent Covid restrictions it was understandably a smaller group than normal for this fun day on our karate calendar, but we still all managed to have the same great smiles and laughs as

Senior Karate Training on the Gold Coast
Image 29 March 2021 Events,Seminars admin

It was a pleasure to welcome Martin Phillips Shihan , Sandra Phillips Shihan and members of the Sunshine Coast Chito-Ryu Karate dojo to the Gold Coast for a Brown & Black Belt training seminar.  There was lots of great energy and sharing as the senior instructors shared their understandings and experience to help everyone better

Autumn Grading 2021
Image 8 March 2021 Gradings admin

Well done to everyone who stepped up to challenge themselves at the Autumn Grading. There were some really good stand out performances demonstrating a confident understanding of the requirements for their level and great spirit showing they are ready to move up to the next level. As often happens at a grading some students were

How to keep up your karate training when your body isn’t quite right
Image 5 February 2021 General admin

Some of us come to karate, especially as adults, carrying existing long-term injuries or niggling pain. When we first start training, the unfamiliar movements required in karate can make us aware of muscles, tendons, and ligaments we never thought about in the past. And sometimes this can make us think we need to stop training

2021 QLD Chito-Ryu Karate Camp
Image 21 January 2021 Events admin

>> Download the 2021 Camp – Registration Form The QLD Chito-Ryu Karate Camp is held every year around April/May. The hosting of the QLD Karate Camp is alternated between the Sunshine Coast Karate Club (odd years) and the Gold Coast Karate Club (even years). The camp is a great fun event where you get to

Karate and the importance of etiquette
Image 15 January 2021 General admin

Studying martial arts is different from playing sports. While playing sports teaches teamwork and sportsmanship—both essential and highly valuable skills—martial arts adds an extra layer to this. This layer is called etiquette and it’s a form of good manners. But, in the dojo, etiquette goes even further than simple good manners. Building this etiquette in

2020 Annual Award Winners
Image 17 December 2020 General admin

2020 Budoka of the Year – Merryn Jaffers Merryn’s amazing attitude has been evident throughout her training this year and, as a result of this attitude, Merryn’s technique has been maturing rapidly. She always sets a fantastic example whether as a leader for the younger students or in her own classes, and she is always willing

2020 Summer Grading Results
Image 5 December 2020 Gradings admin

The final grading of what has been an interesting year saw a very interesting grading with a range of results. In our White belt and Yellow belt grading we saw some solid performances with the majority of students successfully moving up the ranks. In these first groups of the grading we also had a few

2020 Summer Grading
Image 1 December 2020 Gradings admin

Date:  Friday 4 December   Schedule: Summer Grading Schedule Time Gradings Belt Size 17:00 White -> Yellow Henry Duyvestyn 1 Skye Wright 1 Jesse Barker 2 Isabella du Plessis 2 Daisy Ridley 2 Sienna Bauer 3 Francis Guillon 3 Nicolette Ridley 4 Tom Allibone 5 17:30 White + Yellow -> Orange & White Tilly McMillan

Committed to Black Belt Seminar
Image 12 November 2020 Events,General admin

On Sunday  8 November we held a “Committed to Black Belt” seminar at the Ashmore dojo. At Gold Coast Chito-Ryu Karate we do not have any special “Black Belt Clubs” that provide extra opportunities for those that pay for it. As far as we are concerned every student that walks in the door and is