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Spring Grading 2021

Congratulations to everyone who was successful at the Spring Grading.  Keep up the great work!

12 Kyu (Yellow Belt)
Olivia Chang
Lily Collofello
Yasmine Lintott
Ned Tuckey
Max Durre

11 Kyu (Orange & White Belt)
Kalani Kloot
Joshua Delaney
Slade Revell
Charlie Chipperfield
Aaron Higgins
Damien Kloot
Naoki Tani

10 Kyu (Orange Belt)
Taiyo Tani
Enoch Kavelin
Paula Barnum
Sienna Bauer
Ben Hastings
Halle Peddie

9 Kyu (Green & White Belt)
Chui McDonald
Max Ker
Kayden Kloot

8 Kyu (Green Belt)
Cooper Shaw
Bohdi Valencour

7 Kyu (Blue & White Belt)
Erika Baritchi
Adam Glachan
Millicent Mansbridge
Hana Nishiura
Addison Schnebli

6 Kyu (Blue Belt)
Tahlia Boyd

5 Kyu (Purple & White Belt)
Keiran Milloy

4 Kyu (Purple Belt)
Charlotte Shaw


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