Category: Gradings

Category: Gradings

2020 Autumn Grading
Image 23 March 2020 Gradings admin

This was a very special grading with the current events of the world and as it has turned out, our last major event for a while due to COVID-19. We had a large number of students step up to grade. Some hadn’t graded for a while, others had stepped up from the Little Champions and

2019 Summer Grading
Image 9 December 2019 Gradings admin

Well done to everyone who stepped up and challenge for their next level at the 2019 Summer Grading. For those that didn’t grade this time or were unsuccessful at this grading the next opportunity is the 2020 Autumn Grading on Friday 6 March. Congratulations to: 12th Kyu – Kayden Kloot 12th Kyu – David Ford

New Gold Coast Black Belt
Image 28 October 2019 Gradings admin

Congratulations to Gold Coast Chito-Ryu Karate-ka Brendan Young who successfully graded to Shodan at the QLD Chito-Ryu Karate Brown and Black Belt camp on the weekend. Everyone travels a different path to achieve their Chito-Ryu black belt and Brendan is certainly no different having come to Chito-Ryu Karate with a high level dan rank and

Spring Grading – 2019
Image 16 September 2019 Gradings admin

Congratulations to everyone who attended the 2019 Spring Grading. Fantastic to see everyone continue to improve their karate. 12th Kyu (Yellow) Amelia McGregor Hollie McGregor Natasha McGregor 11th Kyu (Orange & White) Mehi Whala James Ngo Ian McGregor    **double graded 10th Kyu (Orange) Jack Forde Kaylah Smith Ellen Guan    **triple graded 9th Kyu

Winter Grading 2019
Image 4 June 2019 Gradings admin

Congratulations to everyone who attended the 2019 Winter Grading. A great example of technique and spirit shown by all. 12th Kyu (Yellow) Carlo de Byl Joe Reavey Lucy Reavey Hunter Windle 11th Kyu (Orange & White) Byron Corbelli  **double graded Leo Shin **double graded Steve Moore Kaylah Smith Toby Somerville Siani Symons 10th Kyu (Orange)

Four things you should know before your next grading
Image 21 May 2019 General,Gradings admin

Four things you should know before your next grading Karate gradings are an exciting time. This is when you get rewarded for your training and progress, for learning your new kata and new techniques. In the early days, when you first start your karate journey, the gradings may be regular. But, as you get higher

Senior Grading Success
Image 13 May 2019 Gradings admin

I am pleased to announce the recent success of Gold Coast members at the senior grading conducted at the 2019 QLD Chito-Ryu Karate Camp. These gradings are a fitting reward for all the hard work and perseverance they have demonstrated. Congratulations to:- Anthony Horgan – Nidan (2nd degree Black Belt) Monica Lester – Jun shidoin

Autumn Grading 2019
Image 4 March 2019 Gradings admin

A good standard for the Autumn Grading with all students demonstrating a good level of understanding and technique to successfully pass. It is not that often that everyone who steps up to grade is successful so well done on the hard work you have been putting in. For any students that would like some specific

Summer Grading – 2018
Image 1 December 2018 Gradings admin

Well done to all those that attended the Summer Grading. It was great to see the improvement in everyone who stepped up. The most pleasing thing to see was the spirit and effort that everyone was putting in demonstrating that the understanding that you need to bring your best effort to successfully grade is being

Gold Coast’s first Jun-Shidoin
Image 22 October 2018 Gradings admin

Congratulations to Senpai Anthony Horgan on successful grading to jun-shidoin (junior instructor) at the QLD Brown & Black Belt Camp held over the weekend. Senpai Anthony is the first Gold Coast student to achieve this level. Senpai Anthony has been with Gold Coast Chito-Ryu Karate since 2005 being our first student when the dojo was