2023 Budoka of the Year

Congratulations to our 2023 Budoka of the Year – Kazumi Tominaga

Kazumi Senpai has been a valuable part of the Gold Coast dojo for a long time and provides a wealth of knowledge and understanding of Japanese culture and language to benefit us all. As a liaison for our Japanese visitors she is invaluable.

Kazumi is a great example of what the Budoka of the Year is all about. She trains hard when she is at the dojo, she trains hard at home. She is always polite and respectful. She is unassuming and understated. Most of all she is a great karateka.

At the Soke Cup this year Kazumi excelled winning gold in her divisions for Sai and Bo, silver in kata, and bronze in team kata. In a year where she was balancing her work, study and karate this a fantastic reward for her efforts.

It can not be overstated what a terrific example of karateka Kazumi Senpai is to everyone. If we all adopt her fantastic attitude, plus her understanding of peace, perseverance and hard work we will all be better people because of it.

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