2023 Senior Karateka of the Year

Our 2023 Senior Karateka of the Year is

Milli Mansbridge.

Milli is still young and part of the Karate Kids program but also trains regularly in the Seniors with a level of maturity past her age. Milli has taken her karate to another level this year with the focus on the Soke Cup, and her great attitude in class.  There is always a smile on Milli’s face, and you know she is always trying her hardest.

Milli has the great ability to relate to students of all ages. She is a favourite of the Little Champions and is looked up to by many, especially the young girls as a great role model.  When new Little Champions arrive for their first class she can always be relied upon to bond with them and help them overcome their nerves to join in the class.

Milli has tackled many challenges throughout the year and always pushed herself to overcome her fears and doubts and grow as a result.  Kumite has always been a challenge for Milli and not something she has always enjoyed but she has not shied away from it and as a result developed more confidence in her abilities. This is a great example for all of us to follow when facing challenges that may scare or intimidate us.

As a valuable member of the dojo we all look forward to being part of Milli’s karate journey as she works towards even greater achievements.

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