2023 Karate Kids Karateka of the Year

Congratulations to our joint winners of the 2023 Karate Kids Karateka of the Year – Siani Symons and Carter Lovelock.

This is the first time we have ever had joint winners but both of these karate kids stood out and are worthy of this special recognition due to their tremendous year.


Siani has really stepped up her training this year attending as many classes as she can and also assisting in the Little Champions classes as a leader.  Siani has shown through out the year that she is a focused, thoughtful student who looks to help others in the class as well as focus on her own development.

On numerous occasions throughout the year Siani has approached instructors for what she needs to work on. The strength of Siani is she then goes away and works hard on those areas and as a result makes great improvements in her karate technique. This may seem like a simple way to get better (andit is), what it does require though is self-discipline, focus and mindfulness to achieve. Great attributes that will see Siani achieve success not only in karate but anything she puts her mind to.


Carter has always been a good student but this year he has taken his karate to another level through hard work and determination. Carter’s attitude has been fantastic. He is always working hard whether that be on his own before class or during class, and always with a big smile on his face. Carter is determined to follow the karate way and will always be the one to kiai, and respond to instructions with an enthusiastic hai.

At our summer grading Carter unfortunately was not ready to pass with a few technical areas still to work on. With such a great student this was a very hard decision to make as we like to see those students that work hard rewarded, and I am sure it was disappointing for Carter as well. From this though Carter showed just how strong his character is. The very next class he was in, before the class had even started he was practising his kata trying to improve and asking for advice all with the same great attitude he has always shown. This was a fantastic example of student who trains to get better not just to collect belts and awards.

The most pleasing bit about Carter’s performance this year is that others have started following the example he has set and started working just as hard and as focused. This is a great compliment to Carter to see him develop in to a natural leader through his actions.


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