Winter Grading Success

Congratulations to everyone who challenged themselves at the 2022 Winter Grading. It was great to see so many students have been working hard to continue to improve their karate.

4 Kyu – Purple
Troy Lester

5 Kyu – Purple & White 
Jean du Plessis
Adam Glachan

6 Kyu – Blue 
Erika Baritchi
Harrison De Byl
Millicent Mansbridge
Yuvi Whala

7 Kyu – Blue & White 
Kaylah Smith
Bohdi Valencour

8 Kyu – Green 
Enoch Kavelin
Chui McDonald
Mehar Whala

9 Kyu – Green & White 
Kalani Kloot
Slade Revell

10 Kyu – Orange 
Charlie Chipperfield
Lily Collofello
Lucas Kirkup
Damien Kloot
Carter Lovelock

11 Kyu – Orange & White 
Aston Cattach
Angus Esson
James Ford **double grading
Jacob Greenwell **double grading
Jaylah Greenwell **double grading
Isabella Higham
Ding Ma **double grading
Noah Milloy **double grading
Eito Tashima **double grading

12 Kyu – Yellow 
Edward Bennette
Leon Bonaventure
Henry Langton
Ashley Maudsley
Xaviar Thompson

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