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Spring Grading – 2019

Congratulations to everyone who attended the 2019 Spring Grading. Fantastic to see everyone continue to improve their karate.

12th Kyu (Yellow)
Amelia McGregor
Hollie McGregor
Natasha McGregor

11th Kyu (Orange & White)
Mehi Whala
James Ngo
Ian McGregor    **double graded

10th Kyu (Orange)
Jack Forde
Kaylah Smith
Ellen Guan    **triple graded

9th Kyu (Green & White)
Jean du Plessis
Cooper Higgins

8th Kyu (Green)
Sara El-Deeb
Mariam El-Deeb
Dixon Garland
Charlotte Shaw
Devon Jaffers
Amy Jaffers

7th Kyu (Blue & White)
Merryn Jaffers
Johan Shajee

5th Kyu (Purple & White)
Bailey Weeks



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