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Spring Grading – 2018

It was very pleasing to see how well everyone who attended the Spring Grading was prepared which led to some very confident performances.  The key to success is hard work and taking responsibility for your own success and many of the students who stepped up had definitely done this.

A special mention to John Lenton who graded to 2nd kyu (Brown Belt). The 3rd to 1st kyu gradings are by invite only after proving your technique, attitude and understanding in regular classes. The test is conducted in the Friday brown and black belt class and encompass a test of spirit and technique. John certainly gave it everything and was very deserving of his 2nd kyu.


Well done to all those that succesfuly graded:

12th Kyu (Yellow)

Yusuf El-Deeb
Levi Kim
Chevy De Labertauche
Toby Kim
Max Chilman


11th Kyu (Orange & White)
Charlotte Shaw  *Double Graded
Belinda Mallinson  *Double Graded
Logan Priest   *Double Graded
James Bull


10th Kyu (Orange Belt)
Isabella Parkinson
Dylan Preston
Sara El-Deeb
Mariam El-Deeb


9th Kyu (Green & White Belt)
Bridget Weeks


8th Kyu (Green Belt)
Hunter Smith
Benjamin Weeks


7th Kyu (Blue & White Belt)
Bailey Weeks
Kieran Milloy


6th Kyu (Blue Belt)
Jessi Mann
Troy Lester
Leonard Lam


2nd Kyu (Brown Belt)
John Lenton



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