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Autumn Grading 2021

Well done to everyone who stepped up to challenge themselves at the Autumn Grading. There were some really good stand out performances demonstrating a confident understanding of the requirements for their level and great spirit showing they are ready to move up to the next level.

As often happens at a grading some students were told not this time indicating that there are some key elements of their karate they need to develop further if they are going to be able to continue to make good steady progress in their journey. For these students continue to work on your karate, with a strong focus on improving these key elements and you will surely be better for your next attempt at grading.

Lets join together as a dojo family to celebrating the success of those that passed, be inspired by how they have achieved their goals whilst we continue to offer support and encouragement for those that were not successful this time.

Congratulations to the following on successfully passing your grading:

12 Kyu (Yellow) – Charlie Chipperfield
11 Kyu (Orange & White) РSonia Alexander  (Double Graded)
11 Kyu (Orange & White) – Isabella du Plessis
11 Kyu (Orange & White) – Kiera Kay (Double Graded)
10 Kyu (Orange) – Jesse Barker
10 Kyu (Orange) – Tyson Waite
9 Kyu (Green & White) – Adam Glachan
9 Kyu (Green & White) – Millicent Mansbridge
9 Kyu (Green & White) – Bohdi Valencour
8 Kyu (Green) – Tahlia Boyd
8 Kyu (Green) – Hana Nishiura
7 Kyu (Blue & White) – Liam Glover
5 Kyu (Purple & White) – Charlotte Shaw


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