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Autumn Grading 2019

A good standard for the Autumn Grading with all students demonstrating a good level of understanding and technique to successfully pass. It is not that often that everyone who steps up to grade is successful so well done on the hard work you have been putting in.

For any students that would like some specific feedback and direction for their training going forward please contact Sensei Adam.


Well done to all those that successfully graded:

12th Kyu (Yellow)

Ryan Gale
Jean du Plessis
James Ngo
Kaylah Smith
Kellie Windle
Summer Windle


11th Kyu (Orange & White)

Stacey Cole  *Double Graded
Lucas Wu *Double Graded
Chevy De Labertauche
Jack Forde


10th Kyu (Orange Belt)

Devon Jaffers
Cooper Higgins


9th Kyu (Green & White Belt)

Charlotte Shaw
Dixon Garland
Sara El-Deeb
Mariam El-Deeb


8th Kyu (Green Belt)

Bridget Weeks


6th Kyu (Blue Belt)

Amelie Ollivier
Millie Dorley
Bailey Weeks



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