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Winter Grading 2018

A great effort at the Winter Grading with our largest number of participants ever. Even more pleasing was that it was the first grading in a very long time where everyone passed successfully highlighting the hard work and preparation that students and teachers had been putting in.


12th Kyu (Yellow Belt)

  • Mehi Whala
  • James Bull
  • Tristan Manser
  • Jack Forde
  • Joel Davey
  • Keahn Capon
  • Chanel Manser
  • Theo Garland
  • Tahlia Boyd
  • William Adsett


11th Kyu (Orange & White Belt)

  • Isabella Parkinson (double grade)
  • Sara El-Deeb (double grade)
  • Dylan Preston (double grade)
  • Jason Jaffers (double grade)
  • Mariam El-Deeb (double grade)
  • Aisha Cheyne


10th Kyu (Orange Belt)

  • Johan Shajee (triple grade)
  • Merryn Jaffers
  • Harrison De Byl
  • Dixon Garland

9th Kyu (Green & White Belt)

  • Lauren Rae
  • Yuvi Whala

8th Kyu (Green Belt)

  • Bailey Weeks
  • Ryan Pike


7th Kyu (Blue & White Belt)

  • Millie Dorley
  • Amelie Ollivier


6th Kyu (Blue Belt)

  • Darren Clark
  • Taj Pike


5th Kyu (Purple & White Belt)

    • Chantal Higgins
    • Jorja Higgins
    • Axel Schnebli


4th Kyu (Purple Belt)

  • Ruben Lester

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