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2019 Juniors Karateka of the Year

Congratulations to our 2019 Juniors Karateka of the Year – Yusuf El-Deeb

Our juniors have had a great year with many students working hard and improving so much which made choosing the Junior Karateka of the Year a very difficult job. Yusuf stood out for a number of reasons.  Number one being his consistency, throughout the entire year he kept turning up and trying his hardest. Yusuf is also a great example of correct etiquette, displaying fantastic manners to both instructors and other students.

Yusuf is the type of student that is focused on improving rather than what colour belt he is wearing, which is uncommon at all ages but especially in someone so young. He is very quiet and humble not ever getting ahead of himself but also not ever to shy or lacking confidence to give something a go.  During class Yusuf is equally at home working with others or working on his own. It is a pleasure to have Yusuf as part of our Gold Coast karate family.

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