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2019 Budoka of the Year

Congratulations to our 2019 Budoka of the Year – Monica Lester

The Budoka of the Year is awarded to the member that best displays the budo spirit and contributes to the growth and promotion of Chito-Ryu Karate.

Monica is a consistent presence at the dojo rain or shine, throughout the year Monica has struggled with an injury but has not let that stop her from training and continuing to grow, being the one that sets the standard of energy and effort in the dojo for others to follow.  Monica forged the way for ladies at the dojo becoming our first female black belt and then this year becoming the first female jun-shidoin at the Gold Coast dojo.

Being awarded jun-shidoin (junior instructor license) was a fitting reward for the years of teaching and support Monica has provided for the Gold Coast dojo. Monica stepped up even further this year covering more classes whilst other instructors were away competing in Canada at the Soke Cup, enable all our students to continue there training.

Monica has always put herself out to help others in the dojo attending kyu gradings to offer support and leadership, attending tournaments just to referee and put others training before her own.

We are very lucky to have Monica as part of our dojo, she is a very fitting winner of our 2019 Budoka of the Year.


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