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Little Champions Tournament

At the start of each year before the competition season begins we hold a Little Champions Tournament at the dojo.  This event in a familiar supportive environment gives our Little Champions a taste of what competition is like before the main events during the year.  We have always found this to be a great stepping stone event with many of the competitors going on to achieve great success at the bigger tournaments.

This years event saw a record number of competitors register and the standard was very high with so many of our Little Champions showing how hard they have been working recently. The winners were very deserving of their awards but there was many other competitors that could have easily taken one of the places as well.

I was very pleased with the courage shown by everyone in stepping up and having a go, you should be very proud of yourselves.  I was also exceptionally pleased with the fantastic manners and sportsmanship shown by everyone. A great example of what Chito-Ryu Tournaments are about.


Kata 4-5 years LC – White–LC – Orange

  1. Elson Shi
  2. Jesse Valencour
  3. Finn McMillan


Kata 6-7 years LC – White–LC – Orange

  1. Erika Baritchi
  2. Kalani Kloot
  3. Isabella Higham


Kata 6-7 years LC – Green–LC – Black

  1. Cooper Shaw
  2. Hana Nishiura
  3. Addison Schnebli


Kumite Tag 4-5 years LC – White–LC – Black

  1. Jesse Valencour
  2. Elson Shi
  3. Finn McMillan


Kumite Tag 6-7 years LC – White–LC – Black

  1. Cooper Shaw
  2. Bryson Lee
  3. Addison Schnebli


Kumite 4-5 years M LC – White–LC – Black

  1. Jesse Valencour
  2. Finn McMillan


Kumite 6-7 years Mixed LC – White–LC – Black

  1. Addison Schnebli
  2. Cooper Shaw
  3. Kalani Kloot



The photo album from the event can be found on our facebook page –


A big thank you to our leaders who helped out, I and I am sure all our Little Champions appreciate your time and efforts:

  • Kieran Milloy (who also took all the photos)
  • Charlotte Shaw
  • Siani Symons
  • Bohdi Valencour
  • Cooper Higgins (who looked after all the scoring and time keeping)


Also a big thank you to our Seniors who gave up their time to be judges:

  • Monica Lester
  • Kazumi Tominaga


Thanks everyone! (Don’t those Dojo T-Shirts look great)

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