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Committed to Black Belt Seminar

On Sunday¬† 8 November we held a “Committed to Black Belt” seminar at the Ashmore dojo.
At Gold Coast Chito-Ryu Karate we do not have any special “Black Belt Clubs” that provide extra opportunities for those that pay for it. As far as we are concerned every student that walks in the door and is committed to training is in our black belt club.

We do however hold a special seminar every couple of years where kyu grade students can come and attend a training session with the black belts, to experience how the black belts train as well as listen to advice and stories about how our black belts overcame their challenges and achieved their goals.

Adam Sensei also shares more about what he looks for and his expectations of students wanting to get a black belt. Being a black belt is more than just being good at kicking and punching. It is made clear that whilst everyone is able to get a black belt only a select few will have the commitment to do what is required to get there (and beyond).
It was a great way to start the day.
Thank you to those that attended and to all our yudansha for making the effort to help out the next generation of black belts.

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