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2018 Annual Award Winners

Budoka of the Year – Bridget Weeks

Our 2018 Budoka of the Year award winner is Bridget Weeks.

Bridget has been a standout in the dojo throughout the year with her great attitude and training ethic. What ever else is going on in her life Bridget always found time to get to the dojo and do some training, always with a smile on her face. It is this consistency along with attending every extra seminar and training opportunity that has been available to her that has seen Bridget’s karate continue to get stronger as the year has gone by.

In the later part of the year Bridget has committed to assisting in the Little Champions and Juniors classes as a leader and has very quickly demonstrated her talents in this area proving a
valuable assistant to all our younger students.

Bridget has always shown a quite determined spirit and will always give her all. During the year Bridget committed to participating in tournaments which can be a scary proposition for adults and performed very well beating students higher ranked than her in kata. Not feeling confident to compete in kumite yet Bridget has made it a focus to improve her kumite skills in 2018 to be
ready to compete next year. It is this kind of commitment to improving in all areas including her weaknesses that will see Bridget continue to grow and I am sure achieve her black belt in the


Little Champions Karateka of the Year – Liam Glover

Liam has had a fantastic year in karate. Training 2-3 times a week Liam always brings lots of energy and enthusiasm to every class.  Liam has demonstrated a lot of ability in tournaments winning his divisions and a Tournament Champion award at the GC Karate Competition.







Juniors Karateka of the Year – Charlotte Shaw

Charlotte is a very talented young karateka with a natural technique that will see her go along way. Charlotte best ability however is her determination and spirit. She is always trying her hardest and setting a great example for others to follow.

With her great attitude and the example she sets Charlotte was invited in to the Leadership Team and has been helping out with the Little Champions.






Seniors Karateka of the Year – Ben Weeks

Ben is the perfect example of a quiet achiever, each class he attends he works hard to improve and refine his technique and the results have really shown with a big improvement in his karate
occurring this year.

Ben is happy to step out of his comfort zone and challenge himself. This year he has been participating in the kobudo class to learn weapons. The class normally just has Brown and Black belts in it so Ben is quiet often working on his own on beginner techniques/kata but continues to show great perseverance turning up each week and making steady progress.

With Ben’s attention to detail, perseverance and hard work he is sure to continue to grow in to a great karateka in the coming years.

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