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Super Hero Day

Our Super Heroes pushed through the adversity to celebrate our Super Hero Day class with lots of colour and energy. With the recent Covid restrictions it was understandably a smaller group than normal for this fun day on our karate calendar, but we still all managed to have the same great smiles and laughs as found in previous years Super Hero Day.

What is Super Hero Day? This is a special day held once a year where our karate kids get the opportunity to come to class dressed as their favorite superhero! We actually think they are superheroes all the time but for this special day they get to do the karate class dressed up in their costumes as well.

During the class the kids got to test their powers of focus, their courage and commitment, their jumping skills, and of course their superhero poses.

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  1. Kelly

    A very strange question, but do you happen to do kid’s parties at all? I’m looking for somewhere that might run a 45 min ‘ninja’ karate lesson for 6 year olds, as a birthday party activity.

    1. admin

      Sorry we do not do birthday parties.

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