Karate World Title Success

The Gold Coast Team at the 2023 Soke Cup (Chito-Ryu Karate World Titles) achieved terrific success with a swag of medals and some terrific results from all competitors.


Gold – Kazumi Tominaga (Master’s A/B Female Bo)
Gold – Kazumi Tominaga (Master’s A/B Female Sai)
Gold – Brendan Young (Master’s B Men’s Kumite)
Gold – Samantha Lenton (Women’s Masters Team Kumite)

Silver – Samantha Lenton (Master’s C Female Bo)
Silver – Carlo deByl (Master’s C Men’s Kyu Kumite)
Silver – Kazumi Tominaga (Master’s A/B Female Kata)
Silver – Levi Lenton (Jr C Boys Team Kumite)
Silver – Anthony Horgan, Brendan Young (Men’s Team Kumite)

Bronze – Samantha Lenton (Master’s C Female Sai)
Bronze – Anthony Horgan (Adult Male Sai)
Bronze – Brendan Young (Master’s A/B Male Bo)
Bronze – Samantha Lenton (Master’s B/C Women’s Kumite)
Bronze – Levi lenton (Jr C Boy’s Kumite)
Bronze – Brendan Young, Kazumi Tominga, Samantha Lenton (Master’s Team Kata)

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