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2019 Beach Training & BBQ

A beautiful morning for some karate with the light smoke haze from the fires dulling the glare of the sun.  A good number of students from Gold Coast Chito-Ryu Karate where in attendance all set to have some karate fun as well of course with traditional karate training.

Training started with 20 minutes of seiza (meditation) followed by Kihon (basics) using the sand to increase awareness of our karate training and strengthening our body. Next up was a split into 3 groups with the adults working on the Bo (staff) and the kids rotating between karate kata and karate fitness work.

In the end where some demonstrations of different karate and kobudo kata with those that knew it joining in. And lastly some of the group finished up the training with some exercises in the water including karate kicks and jumping kicks.

After training we all went back into the park for a Bacon and Egg role and a few ball games thanks to the support of the GC Chito-Ryu Karate Club Inc.



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