Donations (Covid-19)

Donations (Covid-19)

With the need to isolate due to the Covid-19 virus we were forced to close the dojo for the time being. Being the primary source of income for Sensei Adam it has obvioulsy had a great impact.  Some of our members elected to keep paying their fees during this period (we are very grateful to them), whilst a lot of people are understandably not able to pay at the moment.

To keep all our members and friends engaged we have been doing virtual classes 6 days a week.  These classes are open to everyone free of charge, and have been enjoyed by our Gold Coast Members, members from other dojos, families, friends and the general public.

Whilst there was a little bit in set up costs we want to keep this service free as we feel it is invaluable to keep everyone active and engaging with other people at this time.

What we are asking for is that if you can spare something to help us out to make a donation.  There is no set required amount.  Only what you feel you can afford and the service is worth to you and your family.

What ever amount you are donating we would like to pass on our heart felt appreciation to your kindness as you support us through this period.


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