Sensei Samantha Lenton

Sensei Samantha Lenton

Sensei Sam Lenton fell in love with Chito-Ryu Karate-do in 2012 when she started training along with her family. She was soon attending as many classes per week as she could get to, and achieved her black belt in 2019 and her Jun-Shidoin (junior instructor) qualification in 2020.

Sensei Sam’s classes are high-energy and inclusive, with a focus on having fun while learning. She is passionate about helping students of all ages overcome their perceived limitations and realise that they can achieve their goals if they’re willing to work hard.

In her Saturday morning classes, Sensei Sam works with both the youngest karateka (from age four) and some of the dojo’s oldest karateka (aged in their 60s) and everyone in between, so she draws from a wide range of fun yet challenging ideas to keep everyone engaged and learning throughout the classes.

While she loves literally every aspect of karate, Sensei Sam has a particular interest in kumite, seeing it as a valuable building block of confidence both inside and outside the dojo. She has competed successfully at various local, national, and international tournaments in both kumite and kata. She has represented Australia at three World Titles, medalling at each of them and taking out the gold medal for kumite in Canada in 2019.

At Queensland tournaments, you’ll find Sensei Sam alternating between competing in the senior divisions, refereeing, and coaching. She finds her perfect balance in juggling all three roles.

Sensei Sam can be found teaching classes on Saturday mornings from 8:30am, and is usually in the dojo five days per week (six if she can get away with it).




  • Shodan Chito-Ryu Karate-do
  • Jun-Shidoin Chito-Ryu Karate-do


    • 2019 Soke Cup World Titles Dan Masters B Female Kumite Champion
    • 2015 Australian National Titles Adult Female Kumite Champion
    • 2015 Australian National Titles Adult Mixed Team Kumite Champion
    • 2013 Australian National Titles Kyu Grade Kata Champion
    • 2013 Queensland State Titles Adult Female Kumite Champion
    • 2013 Queensland State Titles Kyu Grade Kata Champion
    • 2013 Queensland State Titles Team Kata Champion
    • 2013 Queensland State Titles Tournament Champion
    • 2017 Budoka of the Year
    • 2013 Budoka of the Year
    • Represented Australia at Soke Cup World Titles in 2013, 2017, and 2019