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October Newsletter
4 October 2018 Newsletters admin

The October newsletter is now available. => 2018 – October Events Newsletter

2018 GC Karate Competition
Image 11 September 2018 Events admin

An exciting day of karate competition on the Gold Coast with some fantastic performances and a great vibe all day. Thank you to all the competitors who had been preparing hard and competed with great spirit and equally important a great etiquette and respect. A big thank you also to our volunteers who without your

September Newsletter
4 September 2018 Newsletters admin

The September newsletter is now available. 2018 – September Events Newsletter

Spring Grading – 2018
Image 24 August 2018 Gradings admin

It was very pleasing to see how well everyone who attended the Spring Grading was prepared which led to some very confident performances.  The key to success is hard work and taking responsibility for your own success and many of the students who stepped up had definitely done this. A special mention to John Lenton

August Events Newsletter
30 July 2018 Newsletters admin

The August events newsletter is now available.  2018 – August Events Newsletter  

Karate for Families
Image 10 July 2018 General,Members Stories admin

Karate attracts all kinds of people who are looking to make positive changes in their lives. One of the great things about karate is that whole families can train together learning valuable skills and life lessons, uniting them in common goals. At Gold Coast Chito-Ryu Karate we are proud of the fact that our dojo

4 July 2018 Newsletters admin

The July events newsletter is now available. 2018 – July Events Newsletter

2018 Gold Coast Cup
Image 24 June 2018 Events admin

On Sunday 24 June the 10th anniversary of the Gold Coast Cup was held. It was a great event with a terrific atmosphere and excellent competition. A special guest at this years event was Shihan Mark Snow from the Blue Mountains. Before the competition events commenced Shihan Snow (assisted by Sensei Adam McDonald) and Shihan

New Gold Coast Black Belts
Image 9 June 2018 General,Members Stories admin

During the 2018 QLD Chito-Ryu Karate Camp Ben Dempsey and Daniel Goldberg challenged for their dan rankings. Both Ben (Shodan) and Daniel (Junior Shodan) presented very well showing the hard work they had put in to be ready for their grading and were successful in achieving their black belts. Achieving a black belt in Chito-Ryu Karate

June Events Newsletter
6 June 2018 Newsletters admin

The June events newsletter is now available. 2018 – June Events Newsletter