Winter Grading 2019

Winter Grading 2019
4 June 2019 No Comments Gradings admin

Congratulations to everyone who attended the 2019 Winter Grading. A great example of technique and spirit shown by all.

12th Kyu (Yellow)
Carlo de Byl
Joe Reavey
Lucy Reavey
Hunter Windle

11th Kyu (Orange & White)
Byron Corbelli  **double graded
Leo Shin **double graded
Steve Moore
Kaylah Smith
Toby Somerville
Siani Symons

10th Kyu (Orange)
Jean du Plessis **double graded
Abby Moore **double graded
Keahn Capon
Yusuf El-Deeb

9th Kyu (Green & White)
Amy Jaffers
Devon Jaffers
Isabella Parkinson

8th Kyu (Green)
Shone Denny
Merryn Jaffers
Johan Shajee
Ken Wu

7th Kyu (Blue & White)
Hunter Smith
Bridget Weeks

4th Kyu (Purple)
Axel Schnebli



2019 Winter Grading

2019 Winter Grading

2019 Winter Grading

2019 Winter Grading

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