2019 Little Champions Karateka of the Year

2019 Little Champions Karateka of the Year
19 December 2019 No Comments General admin

Congratulations to our 2019 Little Champions Karateka of the Year – Hana Nishiura

Hana joined Gold Coast Chito-Ryu Karate earlier in the year and quickly demonstrated that she was someone keen to do well and ready to learn. As the year progressed Hana increased the number of classes she was doing and her karate really took off seeing her quickly move through the Little Champion ranks.  It was obvious through Hana’s karate that not only was she a naturally gifted karateka but she was also work hard to get the most out of herself.

Hana has been a joy to teach this year with her great keen attitude, willingness to listen, and her strong desire to get things right. We are really looking forward to watching Hana continue to grow and become a great leader at our dojo.

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